Wavefoil Case study

The Challenge

Ships moving in large waves often see as much as 30% increased drag due to the waves tossing heaving the ship up and down. In addition to being a costly problem, it is also uncomfortable for passengers and crew. Wavefoils have been known to both reduce fuel consumption as well as making the journey more comfortable.

The solution

Wavefoil’s patent pending solution enables the construction of modules placed inside the hull of almost any ship. The modules make it possible to have retractable wavefoils in the bow – only deployed when their help is needed, and safely stowed away when either in very rough seas, or very calm waters.

Enabling wavefoils on ships

Years of research

Good idea


Average fuel savings


Fewer days of seasickness

The principle behind wavefoils has been well known for a long time, and one of the founders – Eirik Bøckmann – wrote his doctor’s thesis on the effect of such foils. Student at the time, Audun Yrke, had an Eureka-moment when he thought up a solution that could actually enable ships to carry the foils, and to make them retractable.
CoFounder invested in the company around new year 2016-2017. The founders have led the company themselves and have used CoFounder as an active advisor in matters relating to daily doings and also more strategic matters; financing, partnerships, and so on. Together with the founders we have landed a large research project that will verify the assumptions behind the technology.
«There is no doubt that this is of interest for smaller passenger vessels where comfort is important, including yachts»
— Espen Øino, Superyacht designer

Amazing results

Together with the founders we are now well on the way to developing the solution to this old problem. The solution will reduce the fuel consumption of ships moving in waves by a large amount, and is much awaited by the industry.

A smart solution to a 160 year old problem

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