Meet the team

Tel: 901 46 010

Jan Biti

Managing Partner

Jan has over 20 years experience with developing, financing, and leading technology companies. Jan has been key in the founding of many successful companies coming from high tech environments such as NTNU, SINTEF, Statoil and Telenor.

Morten Frøseth

Tel: 402 26 551

Morten Frøseth


Morten has more than 15 years experience from developing and leading research-heavy startups, most recently Crayonano, which is a spinoff from NTNU’s leading nano technology group.


Tel: 926 48 666

Bjørnar Reitan


Bjørnar was one of the founders of Impello in 2005 and has over 20 years of experience as a project manager in transaction processes (M&A), financing processes, and strategic advisory, as well as extensive experience as CEO and CFO within technology and trade. 


Tel: 472 54 658

Sven J. Kolstø


Sven has founded and led several growth companies, and is especially focused on startups in aquaculture and IT. He is the founder and currently CEO of the aquatech company Optoscale.

Tel: 922 60 166

Cristina Santos

Partner and CFO

Cristina has experience from being CFO for hire in several technology based start-ups og scale-ups. She has also worked at SIVA, and is an active member of the board in several companies.


Tel: 902 15 304

Margrethe Skjelstad


Margrethe has experience from strategic and financial advisory with a focus on growth strategies. She holds a Master´s degree from NTNU Business School.

Sindre Folkvord

Tel: 464 21 598

Sindre Folkvord

Business developer

Sindre has a Master´s Degree from NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship, and holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has experience from business development and commercialization processes in start-ups and spin-offs.


Tel: 980 16 456

Jørgen Pettersen

Senior assosiate

Jørgen has experience from strategic and financial advisory at Impello, with a particular focus on analyses and documentation in transaction processes (M&A). He holds a Master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics

Tuva Okkenhaug

Tel: 941 42 375

Tuva Okkenhaug

Business Developer

Tuva has a Master´s Degree from NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship, including a Bachelors Degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering. She has experience from business development in start-ups from among other NTNU.

Rune Bjerke

Tel: 479 00 479

Rune Bjerke

Senior advisor

Rune has 25 years of experience from commercialization of early stage technology companies and projects. He has been serial CEO in successful startups within several industries, both venture and industry backed, and in all stages of a startup company´s life.


We have founded and built companies in cooperation with leading industrial companies, such as Statoil and Telenor, as well as research-heavy organizations such as NTNU, SINTEF, the Kjeller institutes. We are a known player in the startup environment in Norway and we have been around for a while. Others trust us, and that we know what it takes. Therefore, when we invest in a company we normally attract other investors also, who want to be part of the company.


We have «done it before» and know which value-adding activities that need to be done in order to attract pilot customers, partners, and investors. We have been through many company inceptions, and know what issues will arise, and how to solve them in the fastest and best way. We have attracted a significant amount of funding for our companies, most often a combination of public grants and investor capital.

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