Optoscale Case Study


Real-time measurements of weight, lice, and health

CoFounder’s role:


Billions of value created for fish farming industry


Millions of financing

OptoScale is a company started by CoFounder, where we knew the industry and problem well, and had an idea of how to solve it. Together with another company, Optonor, we started the company. Optonor brought decades of experience in building measurement equipment to the table. This is important to us – we always seek to work with exceptional engineers in technically challenging cases.

Sven J. Kolstø took the position as CEO, and ensured the company had sufficient financing to start development. This financing was brought in as a mix of customer payment, public grants, and equity. The rapid financing of the company enabled us to build the first prototypes very fast, which is essential to learning and succeeding.

«CoFounder’s effort has been crucial for OptoScale’s success»
— Eiolf Vikhagen, CTO, OptoScale AS
CoFounder’s role has been to lead the commercial development of the company, and also to work together with the technical team to define what goals we are working towards.

Through our focus on all commercial aspects, Eiolf Vikhagen, CTO, has been able to focus all his attention to the technical development of the product.

For more information about the company, see optoscale.no



The company has attained considerable industry interest, and is ready for rapid growth in the years to come.
«OptoScale has been a fantastic company to lead, and is growing into a force to reckon with when it comes to subsea sensors in general, and weight estimation of fish in particular. This is the result av a skilled team and hard work, over several years.»
— Sven J. Kolstø, CEO, Optoscale

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