Nicoustic Case Study


Monitoring of solids and fluids in pressure vessels

CoFounders role

CEO & Cofounder

Nicoustic, a spin-off from Fraunhofer in Germany, is developing accurate non-intrusive technology for separator level measurement based on Guided Ultrasonic Waves. The technology was developed by the renowned German research giant Fraunhofer in collaboration with Equinor since 2017.

In 2021, CoFounder was approached by Equinor and Fraunhofer to lead the commercialization process. Jan Biti from CoFounder spearheaded this effort, resulting in the establishment of Nicoustic in June 2022. CoFounder, along with Dmitri Gorski and Uwe Lieske, who relocated from Germany to Trondheim, played pivotal roles in founding the company. Jan Biti also assumed the position of interim CEO. An investment collaboration was formed between CoFounder, Equinor Ventures, and Fraunhofer Venture, and the company secured significant grants from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

CoFounder has been instrumental in founding this company from Fraunhofer. With a highly competent team and we have established a solid financing model, securing 25 million NOK in grants, loans, and equity.


Nicoustics prototype has undergone extensive lab/pilot testing and is ready for field testing offshore.

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