C-Feed Case Study


Production of live starter feed for the aquaculture industry

CoFounders role

CEO & Cofounder

Billion copepod eggs produced per day


Millions of financing

C-Feed is a spin off from SINTEF Ocean, where CoFounder was part of the founding team. We started working with the case before it was founded, and took the role as CEO in 2014.

Rune Bjerke from CoFounder was in charge for building the organization, securing funding, and building production facilities. In total we secured 26 million in financing during the early phase of the company.

During the first year CoFounder secured NOK 11 million public funding, and NOK 15 million in equity financing.
«CoFounder was key in the founding of C-Feed, doing everything from building the team, to financing C-Feed’s first production plant»
— Reid Hole, Chairman of the board at C-Feed AS
From day one we focused on the commercial aspects of the business, and in particular understanding what the customers really wanted. Among other, this affected the delivery model. Instead of delivering copepod eggs, the first customers rather wanted living copepods delivered to their doors.


During the 3,5 year lifetime of the company it has established a world-leading and effective production plant for copepods. This has given the company strong attraction from the industry, both from customers and other large feed companies.
«C-Feed is a good example of a classical CoFounder project: «deep tech» with a large potential where we guide the company through the first phase before we can employ an experienced industry leader, which we have now done in C-Feed.»
– Jan Biti, partner CoFounder

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