How we invest

CoFounder Start

Do you have a unique idea or technology, and want experienced founders to help you build it into a growth company? We can invest as early as at founding, if we believe the founders have sufficient competence in their fields.

In CoFounder Start we go “all in”, and join the founding team both in setting direction for the company, and assuring speed.

CoFounder Scale

Have you brought your company past the first hurdles, and are ready for taking investments to accelerate the business?

We can invest up to NOK 15 million and join in growing your business further. Typically we will assume roles as board members, but our roles are flexible.

«CoFounder was absolutely crucial in the establishment of C-Feed in the first two years, with everything from team building to the financing of C-Feeds first large production facility»
— Reid Hole, chairman of C-Feed AS

CoFounder TechHub

At CoFounder TechHub we have gathered 10 of our fastest growing companies. Here we are able to work together on a day-to-day basis, and we have a great working environment.



TechHub is not a place to waste time. We say it’s about “rolling up your sleeves” and get the job done.

Commercial focus

At TechHub we like technology, but the customer is in focus. No customer, no business!

Openness and sharing

We have a lot of great companies at the TechHub, and even more great people. Sharing with each other is a natural part of being here..

Investors in the same office

The goal for all the companies that are included in CoFounder TechHub is that they will reach more than 100 million in turnover in less than 10 years. In addition to CoFounder and start-up companies, key private investors also have office space on the premises. This means that together we have the leverage needed to build large growth companies from Trondheim’s technology environment.


Offices and meeting rooms



Good working conditions

Good working conditions

All the basic necessities are in place, the businesses can focus on the job to be done.

Good working conditions

Get motivated by each other

The companies at the TechHub all have unique technologies and have plans to grow large and fast, which makes it a motivating place to be a part of.

Good working conditions

Take advantage of the network

Combined we have a network that can open doors in most industries, making the startup phase a lot easier.

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